Annual Design is the agency for Business Reports.


With Annual Design the production of annual and business reports is easier and better. Annual Design specializes in annual reports.
Reports made by Annual Design, on the one hand increase the company’s value and, on the other, keep the costs low by high productivity in the publishing area.


The transparent module system ensures compliance: the relaxed way to an impressive annual report with a lasting effect – across all media and devices.

Digital lead

The agency for reports precedes digitally. Annual Design not only responds to changes in user behavior, but picks up on trends active : As business reports are read online increasingly, these variants are indispensable. Reading behavior on screen – just on smaller screens such as smartphones – differ from printed reports. They are less ” literary “, but more multimedia.

Annual Design as specialised agency for reporting has not only responded to this trend, but set it: Reports by Annual Design are alive and do not any longer impress by visual power only, but by intelligent interactivity .


A report can do more than most people think. For Annual Design an annual report isn’t “promotional material”. A fine report may ” make the brand” or just a compulsory exercise.

The reader gets an impression subliminally of what kind of enterprise he is interacting with. The mechanisms of impressions are diverse – starting with the choice of words and ending at illustrative imagery .

Annual Design is a division of Lünstroth, the Europe based brand oriented communication agency. The group develops brand and communication strategies and has a strong focus on corporate reputation. The Luenstroth Group has also divisions for brand consulting and corporate identity optimization.

Luenstroth works for international enterprises in areas of finance, technology and fashion.

A Business Report as custom-made suit

Reports must fit. Exactly.

Annual Design develops business reports tailor-made. Because business reports are as different as the institutions that publish them.

Some clients place value on the lowest possible costs for the mandatory report. For others, awards are important to generate maximum public and industry attention.

Annual Design adapts.

Just as different as the goals of the companies and institutions are the efforts required to prepare the tailor-made annual report.

Annual Design has adapted to these different demand levels: The agency provides the adequate modules for these differing demands.