Case Study

Annual reports of the Association of Municipal Employers' Associations

Since 2014, Annual Design has designed the annual reports of the Association of Municipal Employers’ Associations (VKA).

Together with the VKA, the agency is developing the concept and structure of the report.
The design is changed slightly each year; on the one hand, the title must be recognizable, but on the other, it must also make clear that the years differ.

Photos and illustrations are produced during the ongoing meetings, which take place several times a year. These photos are shot by VKA employees “en passant”; they are therefore highly authentic.


Design Jahresbericht VKA 2017

The title is emphasized factual. The changing image from the association’s events serves to differentiate the vintages.

The typographic design and colors have been derived by Annual Design from the corporate design of the VKA.


Jahresbericht Konzept Struktur

The table of contents refers to the structure of the annual report. The color bars next to the illustrations are arranged in gradations of the blue tone of the VKA and in gray variants.

This color structuring runs through the entire report and thus facilitates orientation for the reader.

Struktur des Geschäftsberichts

Struktur Geschäftsbericht

The individual chapters are introduced with a double page and carry the color code of the structure in the underlays of the headlines.

The pictures are authentic – they are real shots from the respective events or are thematically bound eye-catchers.


Geschäftsbericht Innenteil

The informative pages within the report are clearly structured. Here, too, the illustrations are authentic and true to reality – the participants and decision-makers are portrayed unadulterated.

The color code of the respective chapter can be found here casually; the color-coded structure lines carry the corporate design colors.

Design und Text Geschäftsbericht

The information about the association itself is not too short; the members can inform themselves about the activities and achievements of the past year and also the employees of municipal companies get to know the association at the federal level.

Setting priorities

Image Geschäftsberichte Schwerpunkte

Positions of the VKA on topics of particular interest to municipal employers are introduced by topic-based visuals.

Again, the structuring color code is used.

Download reports

If you are interested in the work of the VKA or would like to check the agency’s attention to detail, you can download the years 2014 – 2017 here.