Results in focus

Annual Design is image-oriented: not only should a report be nice to look at, but it should positively boost the institution or company and further enhance its image.
An annual report offers unique opportunities for this increase – in addition to the fact-oriented function, an annual report can convey the intentions of a company and the underlying philosophy to the relevant target groups and society. It structures and develops the public profile in society and the market.


Annual Design relies on this multiplier function and uses it in the sense of the sustainable development of the corporate and institutional image.
The result of an image-oriented annual report is not only a better impression by a fine design, but also a sustainable consolidation of the “corporate story” with positive consequences for image and reputation in society and markets.

What is the difference between Annual Design and other report studios?

The best of two worlds

Traditionally, there are two categories of business reporting agencies: the economically oriented financial market communicators and the creative graphic studios.

Annual Design strives to connect these two worlds meaningfully and adds two aspects: the image-orientation on the performance side and the high productivity on the cost side.

Efficiency in implementation: cost-efficient production

In its implementation, Annual Design relies on state-of-the-art technology (and employees who can handle it).

This setup drastically reduces the costs of DTP and publishing.

In the parallel development of print and web versions of the annual report (eg the creation of a report microsite), existing illustrations, illustrations and texts can be adapted cost-effectively for the respective other media channel. However, the design must always be adapted to the media. This is the only way the Annual Report can boost the brand: It must not only be in line with the brand design, but also convey the positive spirit of the institution.

These two aspects, dual competence in concept and design and cost-effectiveness in the implementation form the core of the Annual Design brand DNA.

The cost advantage in the implementation remains relevant even when it comes to a more complex report with more individual design effort and complex shootings to create business report goes.

Therefore, the agency’s unique position is ultimately economically justified both in the short term (cost advantage) and in the long term (image advantage). Apart from this hard fact, we develop business reports with passion. Maybe that’s the whole secret beyond rational argument.

Since 2009

Annual Design is a spin-off of the Lünstroth brand agency and has been on the market since 2009.
(Lünstroth was founded in 1994.)

The agency is working for companies, public institutions and associations with high standards of conceptual consistency and high-quality implementation.



Founder and CEO

Chef der Agentur für Geschäftsberichte

Peter Lünstroth

Peter Lünstroth M.A. is a learned philosopher and political scientist. He was initially a journalist at Sender Freies Berlin and then switched to brand communication.
As creative director he was responsible for the communication of Apollinaris-Schweppes, Casio, dr. Oetker, Homann, Langnese, Mentos, Pioneer, Procter & Gamble, S. Oliver, Whirlpool et al.

As Managing Director of Lünstroth GmbH, he also heads the Advisory and Strategy Department of the Annual Report Agency.

Peter Lünstroth has a teaching assignment at FHM, is a speaker at the Federal Patent Court in trademark matters and is also a welcome key note speaker at identity and brand symposia.

Head of Design

Designer Ralf Glasmeyer

Ralf Glasmeyer

Graduate designer Ralf Glasmeyer was in charge of clients such as Apollinaris-Schweppes, Bols-Strothmann, Casio, as Art Director. Oetker, Homann, Langnese, Whirlpool, Pioneer, Procter & Gamble, Rowenta, S. Oliver, et al. until he came on board.
Ralf Glasmeyer is responsible for creative results at Annual Design.


Sustainability. Conviction. Engagement. The will to the best result.

What distinguishes an annual report also applies to the people who develop, design and implement it. Thanks!