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Annual Design is a specialized agency for


Annual Design is a spin-off of the Lünstroth Brand Agency.
The specialist agency was founded in 2009.

Lünstroth Brand Agency has been around since 1994.

The agency supports companies, public institutions and associations with a high standard of conceptual consistency and high-quality implementation.

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Advantages of integration into the Lünstroth brand agency for clients

Comprehensive Brand Thinking

Integrated Approach: By collaborating, clients benefit from a comprehensive brand strategy that encompasses not only design but also brand development, positioning, and communication.

Consistent Brand Identity: The close cooperation ensures that all design elements are perfectly aligned with the brand identity and message, leading to a consistent and strong brand.

Expanded Expertise

Extensive Know-how: Lünstroth Brand Consultancy brings deep knowledge and experience in brand consulting, strategic communication, and brand management, which complements and enriches Annual Design’s capabilities.

Professional Synergies: The combined expertise of both agencies allows for more efficient and effective execution of complex projects by seamlessly integrating different areas of expertise.

Efficient Project Execution

Faster Implementation: Leveraging Lünstroth Brand Consultancy’s resources and network enables projects to be realized more quickly and smoothly.

Optimized Processes: Joint workflows and coordinated processes lead to higher efficiency and better coordination, saving time and costs.

Innovative Solutions

Creative Impulses: Collaboration fosters the exchange of ideas and innovations, resulting in unique and creative solutions for clients.

Strategic Design: Annual Design can utilize the strategic insights from Lünstroth to develop designs that are not only aesthetically appealing but also strategically sound.

Expanded Service Offering

Additional Services: Clients benefit from an expanded range of services that include not only design but also strategic brand consulting, media relations, content creation, and more.

One-Stop-Shop: The ability to receive all relevant services from one source simplifies collaboration and ensures the uniform implementation of all measures.

Enhanced Brand Presence

Increased Visibility: With strategic support from Lünstroth, Annual Design can ensure that developed designs optimally position the brand and increase its market visibility.

Sustainable Success: The combination of excellent design and sound brand strategy helps secure the long-term success and resilience of the brand.


The collaboration between Annual Design and Lünstroth Brand Consultancy provides clients with significant added value. They benefit from comprehensive brand strategies, expanded expertise, efficient project execution, innovative solutions, an expanded service offering, and enhanced brand presence.

These synergies lead to outstanding results that promote the success and sustainability of the clients’ brands.




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