Full Service: If you want.

Annual Design is flexible and scaling. Whether the annual report is already “in the mind” ready-made, texts are created and edited or whether a completely new concept should be created structurally, in terms of content and visually: We will offer the perfect solution.


Of course, the different demands on development and implementation services lead to different expenses on our part.. Therefore, we are grateful if the desired services are roughly outlined before we will make an offer.


Design can be very practical or more emotional. Annual Design can both versions and also the nuances. Depending on corporate identity and design Annual Design develops strictly according to specifications or finds visual add ons for the coming report.

Annual Design finds respectively the right photographers and recommends possible improvements (not only from an aesthetic perspective, but also from a cost one). Only unique reports can strengthen the company brand’s positioning.

For Annual Design each business report is a challenge: Only when maximum is reached at communicative quality, the agency is satisfied.

For annual reports, which are to achieve a greater public impact (keyword: design awards), Annual Design frequently works with external creatives. Because often a specific creative handwriting or the reputation that precedes a creative, is important for the decision of the award jury.

Every agency is to be judged by whether the annual report fulfills the emotional image goals of the reporting company.

But precisely this fulfillment of brand guidelines is what Annual Design separates from conventional business report agencies.


Normally, copies for annual reports are delivered by the client. If so, Annual Design works similarly to other business reporting agencies –  the agency formed out of the existing text, a pleasant-to-read and well-designed business literature.

In some cases, only text content and facts are given. Then, the Annual Design copywriter gets on the course.

Even the language of a business report should be a part of corporate identity and strengthen and deepen especially the positioning of the company brand.

Depending on the possibilities , capacities and wishes of the client, the texts created will be edited by accountants, lawyers and in some cases by lecturers.

Annual Design so provides maximum customer orientation : The modular system allows the precise fulfillment of the prescribed report standards.

Illustrations. Photo.
Video-Clips. Diagrams.

Photos are created by Annual Design itself, take over existing material from the customer or commissioned in consultation with the client the appropriate photographer.
Videos are ideal for the online version of the Annual Report. They develop the stronger emotional bond and favor the dramaturgically ideal preparation of information especially over time.

Annual Design acts as in photos: Either the agency produces the videos in-house or commissions the appropriate video teams according to customer preferences.


Development and – even more – the creation of annual reports requires a cool head and a routine handling of timings. Annual Design does the job since decades – good to know, if deadlines are coming closer.

Communication professionals know: In businesses deadlines often are not seen as deadlines, but as a non-binding idea of a timing. That can be a risk. A good design agency knows this and can handle it.

Flexibility and resilience in the acute phases are indispensable and an Annual Report Agency’s daily business.
That is why the cooperation with Annual Design still has a relaxing character when other agencies respond increasingly hectic.

Annual Design takes a precise project management very seriously ; the routine from decades of work in time-critical projects just helps in the creation of complex tasks related to the Annual Report .