Development and Design of CSR-Reports

Commited for sustainability

CSR-Reports. Checked and fine for Branding


We ensure that the report complies with the GRI guidelines. These guidelines are the internationally recognized standard for sustainability reporting. They provide a clear structure for the report.


We support companies in identifying the material topics (materiality analysis) that are relevant to the company and its stakeholders. These topics are covered in detail in the report.


We take into account the expectations and interests of key stakeholders when preparing the report. To this end, we use surveys, workshops or online survey tools.

Data collection and management

We check the data inventory and data management. Data quality and consistency are crucial to ensure the credibility of the report.

Clear structure

We structure the report in a clear and easy-to-understand way. As a rule, we follow the GRI chronology here.

Correct scope

The scope of the report should be appropriate and contain the most important information without appearing too cluttered. It should be easily accessible to readers.

Credibility and transparency

Credibility and transparency are high on the priority list. Greenwashing is quickly identified. Therefore, we ensure that all information is well-supported and there is no deception or greenwashing.


As a rule, a CSR report covers one fiscal year. This makes sense because it allows stakeholders to track changes over time.


Annual design stands for consistency in reporting, so interested parties can compare reports across different time periods or companies.


The communication of the report is as important as its content. We explain sustainability goals and results in a clear, engaging and compelling way.

Tracking and improvement

The report is a tool for continuous improvement of sustainability performance. Stakeholders can track progress over time and see the company’s sustainability goals.

Audit and certification

Having your report independently audited or certified increases credibility and builds stakeholder trust. Annual Design guides clients through the auditing process (e.g., UN Global Compact).


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